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在银律所, we know all too well that a mistake or a misunderstanding can easily spiral out of control, 突然危及你的名誉, 你的生活, 甚至你的自由.

你是否会被指控 未成年人轻罪, a 酒后驾车, 家庭暴力,或任何数量的 严重的重罪, the consequences can be harsh and life-changing. The situation may seem overwhelming, but remember 你有权利 和选项.

When the system is stacked against you, you need a fighter who can go the distance. 奥克兰刑事辩护梅高美集团 埃利奥特·西尔弗是被告的捍卫者. Put him in your corner to fight for you every step of the way until justice is served.

The strongest defense relies on forging an effective partnership through open and direct communication. That is why 梅高美集团银 promptly responds to every call, text, or 电子邮件. The path forward always begins with a free and confidential consultation with 梅高美集团银. 调用 (510) 995-0000 or 在线提交申请.



Battles are rarely won by sitting on the sidelines, and 梅高美集团银 prides himself on dominating any legal situation. If you need counsel in a police interrogation, someone to broker an agreement in a prosecutor’s office, or fierce representation at trial when your fate is hanging in the balance, 西尔弗梅高美集团将负责你的诉讼.

在银律所, our process always starts by 听听你的说法. We get to know you, what led to your charges, and what’s most important to you. Once we create a plan that reflects your goals, we will work to find an outcome that lets you move forward.

以把他的全部 全身心地投入到他客户的案子中、梅高美集团银 得到您需要的结果. When the chips are down, 艾略特银 is there to save you. If we can get a dismissal based on a faulty report or quickly negotiate to reduce your charges to a more manageable situation, 美高美手机版官网会实现它. 如果你最好上法庭, we’ll handle the case with the attention and professionalism you deserve.

因经验而与众不同 & 激情

As a former assistant public defender and now in private practice, attorney 艾略特银 has amassed over 24 years of legal experience and gained notoriety throughout the Bay Area legal community as a fearless advocate. We know the local courts, the arresting officers, and the district attorneys. By knowing how law enforcement and prosecutors conduct investigations, 收集证据, 处理他们的案件、梅高美集团银 will be able to exploit any weaknesses and attack the evidence against you. 这种对 加州的法律体系 can be particularly helpful in securing charge reductions, 直接解雇, 和有利的判决.

We also understand that being charged with a crime can be one of the most frightening experiences you’ll ever endure. The stress it puts on you and the people closest to you is incredible. 银梅高美集团事务所 is here to relieve as much of this burden as possible. We will not only fight for you in court, we will also 回答你的问题 directly and honestly so you feel informed and comfortable every step of the way.



When you’re charged with a crime, we know what’s at stake. As a young defense attorney, Elliot saw the desolation on the faces of those entombed by the 刑事司法系统. As a result, he has dedicated his career to helping people escape a similar fate. The trappings of a conviction don’t need to include incarceration for you to be held back. If a 酒后驾车 has impacted your ability to drive, a 药物费用 把你的工作置于危险之中, 否则重罪可能会让你蹲几年牢, we will work tirelessly from the very beginning to accurately assess your situation and develop a strategy that puts you in the best position.

We know you want to deal with this situation as painlessly as possible, so you can resume the life you had before charges were filed. 在每个刑事案件中,时间安排都很重要. That’s why 梅高美集团银 will address your concerns, 调查警方报告, 为你辩护, 对你的案子采取积极主动的态度.

此外, we know our clients are dealing with a lot more than the criminal charges and allegations levied against them. Difficult legal matters can impact every aspect of your life and that’s why our work is not limited to the criminal arena.

银梅高美集团事务所 can also assist you with any 家庭法律问题 or 移民问题. We welcome your questions and will find a way to help with any case.

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